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Goal Focused Websites
Goal Focused Websites
Elevate your online presence with our custom-tailored website designs that seamlessly integrate elegance and user-friendly functionality to achieve your business objectives.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Drive traffic to your website with our cutting-edge SEO strategies that boost your visibility and rank you higher on search results.
SEO Blog Writing
SEO Blog Writing
Engage your audience with compelling SEO-rich blog content that informs and entertains, keeping your site fresh and relevant.
Reliable and secure web hosting services ensure your website is always up and running, giving your visitors a flawless experience.
Expert web consulting to navigate the digital landscape and align your website strategy with your business objectives.
Keep your website in top condition with our comprehensive maintenance services, preventing issues and ensuring smooth operation.

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At Starry Night Web Designs, I create captivating and high-performing websites that elevate your brand. My personalized approach ensures that your digital flagship guides your audience to your virtual doorstep. With an artistic design, cutting-edge SEO, and a deep understanding of your story, choosing Starry Night is the first step in a journey that takes your brand to new heights. Let me illuminate the web with a brilliant and unique site that represents your business.
Why Choose Us: SEO

Recent Designs

Molly Ness, PhD

Molly’s site is currently under construction. She has a site and I’m doing the redesign of it. It’s near completion and I’m very happy with the results. The goal was to keep it simple and user friendly.

Charles B. Strozier

I’ve build 3 sites for Chuck. The first was a photography site for his works, then his author site and lastly his business site. I had originally created it with stock images of doctores and patients. He suggested using his artwork. I didn’t like the idea at first, but the more I got into the build, the more it I started to love it. Listening to my clients is something I always do. Specially when your client is an two time Pulitzer Prize Nominee.

Charles Strozier Books

Prior to building his author site, I had designed his photography site. I tried to capture the essence of his photos in that design. However, it wasn’t until designing his author site that I truly learned about him and his accomplishments. To design a site for someone so accomplished, so talented and smart, it was and still is a privilage.

David Rosenfelt

David has been my client for about 20 years at least. I consider him a friend. Though the last time I redesigned his site was about 5 years, it’s really overdue for a new design. The problem? He’s happy with this one. He’s an amazing author with such a wonderful dry sense of humor and an even better human.

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Dive into the story of Starry Night Web Designs, where creativity meets technology in the hands of Erik, a web design maestro since the ’90s. Discover a place where websites are more than just code—they’re digital canvases painted with passion and precision. Click to uncover the personal dedication that transforms your online vision into a stellar reality.

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