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I have been in the design business since 1998. I’ve brought my clients ideas to life through the visual storytelling of their websites. I do this by listening to what they have to say, sharing ideas, problem solving and finding the most effective ways to broadcast those ideas to the world.

Where you host your site is important. This is something that I can offer you as well. You can have complete access and full control of your content and website. Along with hosting your domain I can also provide you with your own domain name emails. A lot business forgo setting up their business domain emails because they're already using Gmail, Yahoo or some other free email. You can keep using them by integrating them you’re your new professional looking domain name email.

How are you doing with your social media accounts? I can help you there too. Does your business need to be on every form of social media? If not, which ones should you be on? We can figure that out together.

If your business is as important to you as mine is to me then let me help you with all your online business needs. Let's talk and see what’s best for your business.

Under Construction Sale

Ok, here's the deal. I've got a client that has pushed back the work I was going to do on his site by about a month. This means I have some extra time on my hands. So, right now I'm going to offer you an awesome deal. I'm calling it my "Worry Free Blog Special". I will set you up with your own basic WordPress blog and install any of the hundreds of free themes available of your choosing. I will also install my top 10 favorite WordPress Plugins for you. Set you up with your own domain name and host your site for free for the first year. All for the incredibly low, low price of 249.99! Oh, and if you really don’t want a blog I will gladly set you up with a 1-3 page traditional website for the same price!

So let me break this down for you...

You get your own personal or business blog.

I will register your new domain name for you, in YOUR name. It's all Yours!.

I will set up your hosting account, with full FTP access if needed or through your very own control panel.

I will set you with your domain name emails (up to 5 of them)

I will install WordPress for you and any one of the thousands of free themes available.

I will install my top ten WordPress Plugins for you. To get your blogging career started off on the right path!

I will design a custom header for your new blog if needed.

Last but not least… I will do a basic SEO package (Search Engine Optimization) for your site or blog for free!

And to top it all off, if you don't know how to use WordPress, I will even show you the basics so you can get started blogging ASAP! This is a worry free deal. If you know exactly what you want and I will make it happen. If you don’t know anything about the internet and this whole idea of setting up a website has you worried and stressed out. Let me help you out. I can walk you through all of it and make sure you get the site that’s right not only you but your business as well. I figure I’ve got enough time to take the first 10 customers so contact me now and let’s get started on your new site now. Click Here and contact me now!

About Us

Hello, I'm Erik and I run this place. 99% of the time it's me you'll be dealing with. Usually I spend my days sippin' my coffee as I update client’s sites, scroll social media accounts and so on. However, in the rare occasion that I'm not available my sometimes helpful staff should be here for you. Ok, to be honest, “helpful” really isn’t the best word I could have used to describe to them. Reluctantly, I'll let them introduce themselves to you...

Hello, I can't wait to help you build the website you of your dreams! I will gladly work day and night to deliver you a product that meets all your professional needs. If there's anything I can do please, don't hesitate to ask! In fact, even if there isn’t anything I can do how about we talk anyways?! Seriously, call and just say hello. It's never a bother and chances are I'm just sitting here at my desk learning new things so I can make your website the best! Why haven’t you haven’t called me yet. Was it something I said? I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding. Why don’t you call me anymore? Just tell me what I did. Call me.

As if I wasn’t busy enough. Now I have to stop what I am doing to write this introduction. Like anyone is every going to read this anyways. Seriously, we’re never going to talk. The boss does all the talking. He’s the talker, I’m the workhorse. He’s the one that makes all the promises and I’m the guy that makes sure we keep them.

This is the look on my face when you call and interrupt me while I'm killing it on Call Of Duty and making 12 years olds cry. Few things bring me more joy than the tears of children that I've just schooled on the battlefield. So, all I'm saying is please, before you call me with your problems, think of the children.